Digital Marketing Services

SEO Corporate Blogging:
In the world where Visibility is everything it is of prime importance to get noticed, marketed & being present on web. SEO enables the businesses to show on top of the search engines. It drives traffic to the websites, Increases visibility by improving rankings in the Search Engines thus creating the business opportunities in an organic way.

The content plays crucial role in the search engine optimization & corporate SEO blogging is one such vital aspect which drives visitors to the websites. SEO corporate blogging promotes corporate sites, their idea, their products, services & more importantly brings visibility. It Increases brand awareness by positioning in the top of the search engines thus multiplying the business objectives & providing value to the client.

Digital Flame is the company which understands the pain points and concerns of the business houses &lays out the strategies, prepares the blue prints and works on-page and off page to meet the customer’s expectations to drive the traffic generating leads, prospects & business opportunities.

Infographics for Business:
The world is moving at faster rate than ever and now the “TIME is MONEY” is being multiplied with either square or the cube. All thanks to the digital age, where people needs complete information on their fingertips & in a quick time. The People, instead going through the entire data or the content, now prefer to know the information through pictorials or graphs which give the complete information with less time consumption,enter infographics.

Infographics are creative visual representation of statistics&factual data.They can include bar graphs, pie charts, histograms, line charts, tree diagrams, mind maps & network diagrams providing a perfect blend of data & their pictorial representation. It helps in engaging users & adds credibility to the brand.

Digital Flame has a highly experienced graphics designing team who are well versed with marketing trends, understand customer’s data and represent exactly the same in innovative &attractive way.

Social Media Marketing
In this Digital World, Social Media is the new PIED PIPER which instantly attracts millions and millions of people through its tunes (content). Social Media Marketing under Digital Marketing is the most aggressive and sought after tool to penetrate the customer minds in the virtual world. The content drives the customers to know about the products or the services of the business houses.

Indian population’s online presence is growing at a faster rate and is believed to cross 350 Million Users by the end of 2016. So it’s highly imperative to dominate the online platforms to promote brands &their products & services. The Social Media platforms which are in the buzz comprises of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Pinterest, Blogs, Google Plus & newer platforms will surely be added in the coming times to occupy and satisfy the online population and their needs.

The very purpose of the inception of Digital Flame is to provide the best possible and cost effective Social Media solutions on the Digital front. Social media marketing increases the fans & follower base on the current platforms &keeps the platforms interactive &engaging. It helps in flourishing the business through innovative strategies, dedicated efforts under committed timelines.

Web Designing and Development:
In this information age where the Website is the NEW ADDRESS for the visitors; customers to be driven to the website at one go and accommodate them at one place. Its utmost important factor to have a responsive website for the business or for personal purpose which instantly gives the complete information about the Business, Objectives, Products/ Services, Management etc.

The first impression of its client is to know what all the information, the client has provided on its Website through which the Vendor/Customer gauge the Products/ Services, accountability and transparency of respective client etc and based on it the Business relations are build for a long term.

Digital Flame team develops dynamic& responsive websites which are perfectly compatible with the mobile & the tablets. Digital Flame not only designs and develop the websites but also builds the SEO compatibility with it where it gives greater opportunity to drive the traffic, to index in the popular search engines.

Paid Online Advertising:
Paid Online Advertising is one more Feather in the Crown of digital marketing, existing in the business for quite some time now and it’s slowly replacing the traditional advertising like the billboards, hoardings, wall painting etc. Yes the efforts as well as the budget involved in the Online Advertising are much lesser than the traditional advertising.

With Online boom, Most of the business houses are targeting or fighting the war tooth and nail on the digital space to position their brands, products and services. The ability to target the customers at different levels of their buying journey.

Digital Flame’s experts employ brainstormed ideas & strategizes to make cost effective & high visibility advertisements. Digital Flame employs all the Paid Online Advertising channels.